99 Park Row is home to the LexBlog team’s insights and commentary on digital publishing trends, technology and all things blogging. In a constantly evolving space, we’re here to keep you up-to-date and offer a few practical tips along the way.

And who is our team? We’re a small start-up that’s a combination of everyday people with passions for comedy, sports, video games, the outdoors and everything else under the sun. 

But the one thing we all have in common—experience with blogging. Whether that be through our own personal blogs or from helping legal bloggers achieve success for the past 17 years in some form or another, it’s safe to say we know what we’re talking about.

When people have questions about coming up with ideas, how to format their posts, what the ideal word count is, they turn to us.

And what better way to continue demonstrating our expertise and helping other bloggers than through our very own publication?

99 Park Row gets its namesake from the honorable history of publishing the news in 19th century New York City. In the day, Park Row, near City Hall, was a confluence of the daily news industry and the center of new architectural achievements. Located at 99 Park Row, it was also the office of Joseph Pulitzer, situated inside the penthouse dome made of copper and embossed with leather walls on the inside. 

While we are not in the news industry, we do share a passion for a good story, an eye for fantastic editorial design, a mind for new technology advancements and a huge heart for publishing.

Posts will be shaped and formed by each of our own personal interests in this relevant space. This blog is a way for you to get to know the voices of those of us here at LexBlog and a way to stay connected with trends and updates in the industry. 

You can look to us as examples of ways to make your posts more visually appealing, how to write to the medium and just generally what makes a good blog post. 

It’s just a matter of putting our experience and knowledge to use now. We hope you’ll follow along as we get started on this exciting blogging journey.

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99 Park Row is a publication by members of the LexBlog team. Our site uses WordPress with a handful of customizations created by LexBlog developers and engineers. Everything is hosted and secure on WPEngine. 

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Our team proudly uses Apple gear and software by Affinity, Apple, Google, and Microsoft. We’re also a big supporter of independent applications by companies like Panic and Shinny Frog.

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