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Insight on digital media from the team at LexBlog, Inc.

Hello, world!


Illustration by Greg Storey

Welcome to 99 Park Row, a new publication from the team at LexBlog. 

Our publication name comes from the honorable history of publishing the news in 19th century New York City. In the day, Park Row, near City Hall, was a confluence of the daily news industry and the center of new architectural achievements. The New York Times, New York Tribune and New York World were all located on this street. The New York World Building—the world’s tallest building from 1890 to 1894—was the first building to surpass the height of Trinity Church. Located at 99 Park Row, it was also the office of Joseph Pulitzer, situated inside the penthouse dome made of copper and embossed with leather walls on the inside. We have to hand it to J.P., not too shabby.

While we are not in the news industry, we do share a passion for a good story, an eye for fantastic editorial design, a mind for new technology advancements and a huge heart for publishing. We are empowered by what the future holds: what publishing will be tomorrow, how it works, how it feels and how it’s distributed worldwide. These subjects are at the heart of what we intend to share with you here on 99 Park Row.

At LexBlog, we are learning how to collaborate in new ways that bring out the best in each one of us. We firmly believe that working together with diverse and inclusive perspectives will make our products and services stronger. To strengthen our ability to do this, we intend to include your voice and perspectives in  the process. The team at large is prepared to solve problems that you encounter today with fresh ideas to make publishing better, faster and more meaningful. 

Meanwhile, we’re reviewing how we work, bringing new sites to market and making improvements big and small. We have a new brand system in development that we can’t wait to show you, as well as new content, tools and guides to help you engage with your audience and keep your publications fresh.

Lastly, we hope you’ll notice our new publication design. We call it Wrigley, the namesake of another beloved architectural wonder and home to the Chicago Cubs: Wrigley Field. This experience is the core of our newest offering, which we’ll share more at a later date. Until then, please subscribe to our feed and share it with your peers and colleagues. And don’t be a stranger! If you have any comments or questions about anything published here, write to us via email.

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