Get to know our Director of Customer Success: comedian, sports fan and writer Ethan Stanislawksi

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Director of Customer Success by day, comedian and sports enthusiast by night—that’s Ethan Stanislawski for you.

Ethan has been with LexBlog for a year and a half now, beginning as a technical support specialist and eventually moving up to the position he holds today. While not based in LexBlog’s home Seattle, Ethan works remotely from California—but he’s spent a majority of his life traveling and living in various parts of the country. 

These experiences and the accompanying culture shocks have changed his outlook on things, and he recommends that everyone take a cross country road trip if ever possible.

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Spend some time outside your hometown, it’s really important to see other parts of the country and get a sense for them, whether or not you want to live there.

After growing up on the east coast in bustling Manhattan, Ethan eventually moved to the Midwest and spent his undergraduate and graduate years in Illinois and Indiana respectively. Now, he resides on the west coast, currently living in Los Angeles—which makes sense, as he spends most of his free time performing stand-up comedy.

Entering the comedic sphere

Nightchurch Productions, a multimedia production and sketch team, has been lucky enough to have Ethan since their inception in 2016. He assists the team with everything from writing and performing to producing and video editing. Pre-COVID, Ethan performed in multiple stand-up festivals across the country and was a regular part of monthly sold out shows.

But why comedy? With a passion for creativity and a desire to have his voice heard, Ethan fell right into the space.

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I was looking for ways to be creative—there were a lot of things I realized I didn’t want to do, but I got hooked on comedy. It’s a great writing exercise, it’s a great way to speak publicly and have your voice heard.

Growing up, Maria Bamford and Marc Maron were big influences on Ethan’s comedy and sketch writing, as he resonated with their emotional intensity.

Ethan has been in the scene for a number of years and been fortunate enough to witness some of his friends blow up—such as Michelle Wolf who he used to hang out with back in New York. With the absence of live comedy throughout the pandemic, he’s devoted more of his time to writing and performing some online shows.

A good sport

Aside from his passion for comedy, Ethan is a big sports fan, loyal to his East coast roots. He follows Indiana University’s basketball team as well, since they are his alma mater.

And hey, no one’s team does well all the time, and Ethan has leaned into that mindset. He hosts the “My Team Sucks Podcast,” where sports fans discuss everything that’s terrible about their favorite teams. 

Finding a place at LexBlog

While Ethan has spent some time at both small and large companies—such as Fox and Hulu—he gravitated back towards startups and was interested right away in what LexBlog had to offer.

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I got a sense from the start that they actually value their employees and treat them with care and respect. I was also looking for a place to grow into a leadership position and that was something that LexBlog offered.

Whether his future professional career path involves a creative or technological aspect, having a leading role is what Ethan has found to be enjoyable.

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What I found through other jobs and through this job as well is that I really like being in leadership positions. And so whatever venture I want to do going forward, this is something I enjoy doing, leading a team.

In the meantime, we’re glad he’s found a home with our team.

Michelle works on LexBlog’s Publishing team as the Editor and assists in managing and creating the company’s editorial and social content, as well as working with clients to ensure the overall success of their blogs. She has experience working in all different realms of publishing—including newspapers, magazines and research journals. 

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