Get to know Kira Wilson: teacher, art lover, LexBlog technical support specialist


Illustration by Greg Storey


LexBlog is a small company with a lot to do. Nobody knows that better than Kira Wilson, a technical support specialist who works on all sorts of projects, from site launches to design projects.

Kira is originally from Moab, Utah—a small tourist town that she describes with a laugh as “looking how you’d think Arizona would look, lots of rocks and such.” 

She attended college in Salt Lake City and received her bachelor’s degree in art teaching with specialties in photography and digital imaging, explaining that she really loves everything in that realm, such as the technical side of Photoshop.

After college, Kira moved to Seattle for a change of scene and pace. She’s been here for seven years and knows that this is where she belongs. 

“I miss my hometown, and I make sure I get back there to see my family, but Seattle is my home away from home. It’s the place I need to be.”

Kira has found plenty of ways to enjoy Seattle. She loves photography and biking—before the pandemic hit, she used to ride her bike to work every day. 

Another thing she missed a lot during the pandemic live music. “Seattle has a really vibrant arts scene, and I always try to keep up with local music.”

During her first few years in Seattle, Kira’s versatility in any job she pursues shined through as she taught both STEM and art-related subjects to children in afterschool programs, grades K-5. 

“I was really missing tech stuff, like web development and photoshop during that time,” Kira said. She decided to get her certificate in tech development at Seattle University. She loved the beautiful campus and kind professors, and she was really happy to have the opportunity to attend. 

Seattle being a big tech city really helped Kira jump back into what she loved to do. Once she received her certificate, she came across the opportunity to work at LexBlog, which she described as perfect because she was looking for a small company.

Kira has been working at  LexBlog for seven years and she loves her job on the sales support team. She is also currently honing her web design skills to be of further assistance on the technical side of LexBlog.

Sophie is a Legal Community Reporter on LexBlog’s Publishing team where she creates, edits, and shares content about the network’s members through multiple mediums, including blog posts, videos, and podcasts. She is passionate about tenants’ rights, specifically in New York City, and has written about the issue on her personal blog, The Price of Presence. Sophie lives in Manhattan, where she will begin attending Fordham Law School in Fall 2021.

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