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Get to know LexBlog developer, Angelo Carosio


Illustration by Greg Storey

July 20, 2021

From his degree in journalism to his passion for web development to his love for DJing, LexBlog’s Angelo Carosio is truly a jack of all trades

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After growing up in Eugene, Oregon, Angelo Carosio moved north to attend Seattle University and pursue a degree in journalism. 

“Eugene was fine, but I was excited at the prospect of studying in a big city.” 

Angelo made the most of his time in college, picking up DJing as a hobby that he still pursues today. 

“I haven’t done it in a year and a half but things are starting to open up. All of the clubs in Seattle open up this weekend, so I should be back in that game in the near future,” Angelo said. “I produce music also to play in my DJ sets.” You can listen to it on his Soundcloud, here.

Aside from DJing, Angelo loves being outdoors. 

“I like to take hikes and go camping.” He adds with a smile, “I also have four cats. We have two older ones and two kittens. Last summer, my wife and I fostered a momma and her five kittens and ended up keeping two and gave the other three to our friends. So, we’ve gotten to see them grow up on Facebook and stuff; it’s been great.”

Angelo started interning at LexBlog during his college years and—like with DJing—he never stopped. Eventually, he was asked to join the staff full time as a customer support employee. 

But while working in the position, he knew his true interests lay in his current role: web design. 

“I’ve always been interested in the Internet. I made little websites for myself when I was little, so I was familiar with html and CSS.” 

While still holding a customer support role, Angelo went above and beyond to hone his web development knowledge, taking advantage of LexBlog’s position at the forefront of legal tech. 

“I grew my skills here by picking things up that I thought I could handle. Even though I was working in a client services department, I would just start taking tickets that had to do with web development, and eventually, that’s what I ended up working on full time,” he said. “Now, I’m kind of at the front lines for a client who has a request that needs to go to a developer—whether that’s a bug in the backend, a new site feature, plugins or maintenance. I’m excited to see what new product stuff we get into this year too.”

Eleven years later, as he reflects on the gradual transition, Angelo has nothing but positive things to say. 

“LexBlog has been so great. It’s rare that you find a company that lets you move from a customer service role to a developer role, but here, they see the benefit in people in various places and help them get to that point.”

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