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Get to know LexBlog’s accounting manager, Wendy Nickolay


Illustration by Greg Storey


When Wendy Nickolay first stumbled upon LexBlog, it was after seeing an ad for a part-time position, only 10 hours a week. It was perfect—she owned her own bookkeeping business on Vashon Island but missed the company of working with a team. 

Now, 10 years later and after working under four different CFOs, she remains LexBlog’s accounting manager.  

Her first full-time job as a filing clerk led her down the path she took that eventually led her here. Wendy recalls there being two options from that starting point—become a secretary or head into finance.

“And I did not want to be a secretary.”

Born in Holland, Wendy grew up in Canada before moving to Los Angeles and eventually Vashon Island. She’s lived all around the globe and done her fair share of traveling—something she recommends everyone try to do, as it’s had a huge impact on her education and understanding of humanity. 

“My favorite place that we’ve [her and her husband] ever been to is Namibia,” Wendy said. “We went a few years ago, in 2015 I think, and it was a great place. We really loved it and hope to go back there.”

Wendy’s personality shines through in personal settings and it’s clear she has a thoughtful, introspective way of thinking. Her favorite pastime is the simple pleasure of sitting with a nice cup of coffee and just observing those around her. 

“You know, I could give you the stock answer that I like to read and I like to travel—but really what I love doing is sitting in coffee shops.”

It’s an activity she had to let go of during the pandemic—but luckily, with the world slowly opening back up, Wendy can return to this cherished pastime. 

Aside from her reflective persona, Wendy’s empathy and genuine care for those around her is evident in any conversation you have with her. Maybe that stems from her constant traveling, her childhood—or potentially from a part-time job she had while still in school.

“I think everybody should spend a week working in a nursing home because it really teaches you a lot and it’s very humbling. It teaches you respect for elderly people and some humility as well.”

Regardless, Wendy is truly a positive addition to the LexBlog team and has certainly contributed to the team’s culture over the last decade.

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