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Lee Peretz of Farrell Fritz on the benefits of LexBlog Portals


Illustration by Greg Storey

Lee Peretz, marketing director of Long Island firm Farrell Fritz, recently sat down with Bob Ambrogi on LexBlog’s This Week in Legal Blogging to discuss the benefits of blogging from a business development perspective. He touched on many topics—including how the firm’s Portal, Farrell Fritz Intel, has helped the firm’s goals and mission.

Takes the pressure off

Farrell Fritz is a large firm with lots of moving parts. Having a centralized platform for content helps cover areas that might otherwise be overlooked.

“We’re able to spotlight content that maybe has been delivered into other forms,” Peretz said. “For example, our corporate group is developing a really nice monthly piece on LinkedIn—but we didn’t have a dedicated blog for them, and they weren’t quite ready to commit to that—so we used the Portal as a way to share that other content.”

Boosts engagement

The Portal has also helped grow the firm’s online presence and activity as a whole.

“We’re able to share events and other digital properties that we’re bringing to the market, and it just gives us another way to engage our network,” Lee said. “It also helps with SEO and people finding us. I think we can all agree that email is challenging these days. We all get tons of emails and solicitations but when somebody really needs something they’re gonna do one of two things. They’re gonna go to an advisor they trust and ask for a referral or they’re gonna go on Google. And when they go on Google, we want them to find us, and the Portal is just another way to do that.”

The Portal gives the firm flexibility in spotlighting various materials.

“We’re able to highlight certain content appearing on the blog. We’re able to elevate or promote content and we do based on if we see something performing better or being opened more. If we see something getting more eyeballs, we want to amplify that.”

According to Lee, only good things have come from that increased engagement. 

“Farrell Fritz Intel has gotten incredible feedback which we didn’t solicit. We didn’t ask for that feedback. So it’s really good to see it come to fruition.” 

Meets the challenges of digital publishing today

And after such a turbulent, change-filled year, Lee is more cognizant than ever of the value of such a promise. 

“I really am grateful to the LexBlog team for bringing the Portal to market because I think the pandemic certainly has challenged and impacted everything we do, especially how we communicate externally,” Lee said. “We’re so reliant on digital marketing and digital engagement, and blogging as lawyers has been a big part of that puzzle for us. It’s given us a bit of an edge in terms of how we get content to market—the portal is another tool in that tool belt. Farrell Fritz Intel has gotten incredible feedback which we didn’t solicit. We didn’t ask for that feedback. So it’s really good to see it come to fruition.”

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