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December webinar: We’ve got some post ideas for you and your team


Illustration by Greg Storey

December 9, 2021

Go easy on yourself. That’s one thing I tell lawyers who blog almost every time I talk to them. This shouldn’t be hard—and you should take steps to make blogging even easier.

One of the hardest things folks run into is coming up with post ideas. They feel as though they have to write a treatise or whitepaper on a subject—covering it so comprehensively—before they can publish it.

Don’t do that. That’s how you take a long time to get things published, fall out of a rhythm and generally struggle to run an effective publication.

Instead, utilize some easy post formats to get the juices flowing. We’re going to walk through a few of these in our December monthly webinar.

It will once again be myself co-hosting with Michelle Newblom, our Editor.

I mentioned this on the webinar last time, but if you’re a LexBlog client and would like us to give this or a similar presentation to a blog team at your firm, just holler. It’s on us.

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