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Add Twitter to the list of folks investing in blogging

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February 4, 2022

You don’t have to call it “blogging” for it to be blogging. I raised that point not too long ago when noting Substack’s success comes stems from taking blogging back to its roots. And now you can add another player to the blogging game.

As pointed out by Jane Manchun Wong, it appears Twitter is looking to dip its toe into more longform digital publishing.

Why does this matter? What’s noteworthy?

This continues a trend of companies exploring blog-like writing—or, in the case of Substack, already succeeding with it.

Just yesterday, I got an invite from Stefanie Marrone to subscribe to her LinkedIn-powered newsletter—a new offering from the business-centric social network. Facebook got in the game last year with its Bulletin newsletter product. Twitter itself even already has Revue, a similar newsletter service.

This type of writing isn’t going anywhere. Or, more specifically, people building relationships through publishing blog posts isn’t going anywhere. If anything, based on the actions of some of the biggest companies in the tech space, it’s only going to grow.

Are these types of offerings an option for lawyers? Possibly. For a solo just getting started, or a large law firm associate looking to create his presence, there may be a use-case there.

But, like a lawyer wouldn’t go to a client meeting in jeans and a button-up, they’ll want something a little more tailored to their liking—their own branded presence.

Still, this growing product set points to there being something here—just something about publishing online, and publishing more than pithy one-offs.

Huh. Who knew?

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