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Changes coming to our podcast, This Week in Legal Blogging

Changes coming to our podcast, This Week in Legal Blogging
March 8, 2022

If you’re a regular listener to our podcast, This Week in Legal Blogging, you may have noticed some changes in recent episodes—and you may notice some more going forward.

Don’t worry. Intrepid host Bob Ambrogi isn’t going anywhere. We’re still releasing on a weekly basis. You’ll still be getting plenty of episodes highlighting the best and brightest legal bloggers out there and episodes will still be packed with advice that you can apply to your own blogging.

All we’re doing is expanding the scope of the guests we talk to. Over the past couple of months we’ve been exploring the idea of not only talking about blogging success stories on the show. We dipped our toes into this by inviting guests like Lindsay Brandon of Women in Sports Law and Susan Chira of The Marshall Project. Neither exactly fit the definition of “legal bloggers,” but we believe the insights they provide as writers and leaders in legal space are invaluable to our listeners. If you have listened to either of these episodes you surely recognize the importance of highlighting the work they are doing.

With that in mind, in addition to episodes featuring legal bloggers, we want to spend time spotlighting important initiatives and figures in the legal space. Along with fresh faces like Brandon and Chira, you may see some returning guests from time to time. While many bloggers have shared that aspect of their journey on the show, many of them are doing important work outside the realm of blogging that deserves recognition.


A smaller change, but one that I’d like to mention is that I personally will be taking on a bigger role in the production of This Week in Legal Blogging going forward.

Since I began working at LexBlog back in August I’ve had the great opportunity to edit episodes and write episode previews. Over the next month I’ll be getting more involved in procuring guests and taking over production responsibilities from Michelle Newblom who is moving up and into a new role as Digital Publishing Editor here at LexBlog. Congrats, Michelle.

With all that said, if you know of someone who’d make a great guest—either a legal blogger or someone doing important work in the legal space—please reach out to me at I’d really appreciate it.

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