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A Lesson in Perseverance: The Launch of RedevelopNJ by Sills Cummis & Gross, P.C.

A story of technical mastery, trust, and dedication.
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In the fast-paced world of technology, success stories are often characterized by quick results. However, the journey of one of our recent launches – Sills Cummis’s New Jersey redevelopment and land use blog, RedevelopNJ – took a more complex path. The blog’s transition from its original home on Typepad to our versatile Blog Plus theme on LexBlog was a project that involved numerous teams.

The Complexities of Migrating from Typepad to LexBlog

Embarking on this project, the advantages of our LexBlog platform were clear: a more customizable interface, improved SEO, efficient content management, and a dedicated support system. Nonetheless, transitioning the RedevelopNJ blog from Typepad to our platform presented its share of hurdles.

This was not simply a platform switch; we were entrusted with preserving the client’s extensive online history, safeguarding their established digital footprint, and setting a sturdy foundation for their future narratives. This demanded technical acumen to address compatibility issues between Typepad and LexBlog, ensuring smooth and accurate content migration.

Further, the project’s scope was complicated by frequent handovers due to staff changes and shifting priorities, both within our team and the client’s. These could potentially disrupt project continuity and communication, adding more complexity to our task. But these challenges didn’t deter us. Rather, they provided an opportunity to demonstrate our resilience and adaptability.

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Technical Prowess, Trust and Persistence in Action

Despite the complexities and the longer timeframe due to swaps in ownership, our team remained dedicated. We leaned into the technical challenges, viewing them as opportunities to display our technical expertise. Our focus on clear communication and meticulous record-keeping helped maintain project continuity throughout the numerous transitions.

Equally important was our understanding of the client’s comfort and trust in us. Sills Cummis had been consistently publishing on their blog since 2005, making it an integral part of their digital identity. Respecting this, we prioritized their legacy and ensured a smooth transition despite the hurdles.

In facing these challenges head-on, we called upon our development team’s deep understanding of Typepad, ensuring that its compatibility with our system would not be a hindrance to a successful migration. We engaged in collaborative discussions with the Sills Cummis team, diving into their design preferences and potential customizations, guaranteeing the final product would be tailored to their unique needs.

To ensure the integrity of the blog, we performed meticulous link checks, assuring that no content would be lost in translation or result in broken links after the migration. Throughout this technical and intricate process, we maintained a steady line of communication with the client’s team, utilizing both emails and video calls to keep them informed, involved, and comfortable with the progress of the project.

The Benefits of a Diligent Migration

In the end, the blog was launched successfully and with no compatibility or content issues. As the RedevelopNJ blog moved onto our platform, it was endowed with several features that sets it apart from its old web host, including:

  • A Modern, Responsive Design: Their blog now boasts a fresh, responsive design that enhances visual appeal, functionality, and user experience. This design ensures seamless reading across various devices, catering to the mobile-centric world we live in today.
  • Enhanced SEO Capabilities: With improved SEO, the blog posts are now positioned to rank higher in search engine results. This boost in visibility helps them to reach a larger audience, a crucial advantage in the digital landscape. Not only that, but we’ve provided a Google Analytics property to monitor visitor activity.
  • Dedicated Support Team: Our client now has a dedicated support team at their fingertips. Our team promptly handles any technical issues or queries, ensuring swift resolution and uninterrupted functioning of the blog.

In retrospect, the RedevelopNJ blog migration project showcases what’s possible when dedication, technical expertise, and collaboration come together. This project has reminded us that it’s not only about quick wins but also about staying committed through longer-term projects. We’ve learned valuable lessons about patience, communication, and perseverance, and these will inform our work in the future.

As we mark this accomplishment, we’re reminded that every challenge brings opportunities for growth and every success highlights our commitment to our clients.

Some Key Takeaways From This Launch:

  • Overcoming Technical Challenges: Despite obstacles, perseverance and the team’s technical and design skills enabled the successful launch of the RedevelopNJ blog.
  • Client Trust and Collaboration: Building client comfort, trust, and respecting their blog history were crucial for the project. Trust, communication, and collaboration with the client proved to be powerful tools in overcoming obstacles.
  • Importance of Communication and Adaptability: Effective communication and record-keeping during staff and priority changes played a significant role. The project emphasized the value of clear communication and adaptability to navigate challenges successfully.
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