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Space Law: The Exciting Frontier of Legal Governance Beyond Earth

A Podcast Recommendation on the Evolution of Space Law

Recently, I stumbled upon an intriguing episode of Sean Carroll’s Mindscape Podcast, featuring Dr. Timiebi Aganaba, a renowned Nigerian professor and space lawyer. Being an avid space enthusiast myself, I was instantly captivated. And the thought of sharing this insightful discourse on the emerging field of space law with LexBlog’s community of legal bloggers sparked a wave of excitement in me.

Sean Carroll is a physicist and science popularizer who has authored several books on the topics of physics and philosophy. He is also the host of the Mindscape podcast which invites guests from many different scholarly backgrounds to share their work.

Dr. Timiebi Aganaba is a renowned expert in space law and an Assistant Professor at Arizona State University. Her extensive experience includes working with international law firms and various space organizations. Coupled with her rich academic background, she has made significant contributions to global space governance and the study of legal and ethical implications of space exploration.

In episode 213 of Mindscape, Carroll and Aganaba delve into the rapidly evolving field of space law and governance. Aganaba, with her unique experience working for the Nigerian space agency and various international space organizations, provides an unparalleled perspective on the subject. She enlightens listeners about the subtle differences between law and governance in space, the historical background of space law, and her predictions for the future of the field.

Click the video link below to tune into the episode and ignite your curiosity about this emerging field of law!

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