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2023 Recap: Reflecting on the Year at LexBlog

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December 27, 2023

By The Numbers

LexBlog Community

As we bid farewell to another year, it’s time to take a moment to appreciate the vibrant and ever-expanding LexBlog community. In 2023, our network thrived with an impressive array of legal insights, discussions, and collaborative efforts. Let’s dive into the numbers that defined the LexBlog community in this year’s recap.

1. Blog Posts Galore: In the dynamic world of legal blogging, our community was buzzing with activity, producing a remarkable 47.9k blog posts. These articles covered an extensive range of topics, showcasing the diverse expertise and perspectives within the LexBlog network.

2. Marler Clark Takes the Lead: Setting the bar high for activity, Marler Clark emerged as the most active firm, contributing a whopping 2,023+ blog posts in 2023. This remarkable feat exemplifies their commitment to sharing valuable insights and staying at the forefront of the latest legal news.

3. Growing Authorship: The LexBlog network welcomed a remarkable influx of legal minds, with 3.9k new authors joining our community. This surge in authorship speaks to the continuous growth and collaborative spirit that defines LexBlog.

4. Thriving Blogger Community: A testament to the thriving legal blogosphere, over 39k legal bloggers were actively engaged in the LexBlog network. This vast and diverse community ensures that our platform remains a rich source of legal perspectives and discussions.

5. Expansion of Legal Insights: In 2023, LexBlog expanded its footprint with the addition of 108 new blogs to our network. These fresh contributions further enriched the breadth of legal insights available within our community.

Open Legal Blog Archive

The Open Legal Blog Archive also grew substantively over the past year too. Take a look:

1. Extensive Content Repository: The Archive currently hosts an impressive collection of legal content, with a staggering 86.5k blog posts added in the past 12 months alone covering all types of legal topics.

2. Diverse Blog Contributions: A total of 442 new blogs have been added to the Open Legal Blog Archive, showcasing the diversity of legal perspectives and expertise within our expanding community.

3. Global Engagement: In 2023, the Open Legal Blog Archive welcomed 7,958 new users, indicating a growing global interest in accessing and contributing to the wealth of legal knowledge available on the platform.

4. International Law Emphasis: International law emerged as a prominent subject within the archive, with 471 blogs dedicated to this field. This reflects the global nature of legal discussions and the importance of cross-border perspectives in the legal community.

What We’ve Been up To

  • Lou Development: We dedicated substantial efforts to creating and advancing Lou, focusing on continuous improvements to enhance user experience.
  • Webinar Series Launch: We kicked off the “Legal Blogging with AI” webinar series, fostering discussions at the intersection of technology and law.
  • Newsletter Revamp: Our monthly newsletter underwent a reboot, ensuring it remains a valuable resource for our community.
  • Conference Sponsorships: LexBlog proudly sponsored three conferences – LMA Annual, LMA Mid-Atlantic Regional, and LMA Tech West – promoting industry collaboration.
  • CEO Thought Leadership: Kevin O’Keefe, our CEO, provided regular insights at the intersection of AI and legal blogging on Real Lawyers have Blogs.
  • LexBlog Theme: We’ve started sprucing up the standard lexblog theme.
  • Google Analytics Migration: We migrated LexBlog users to new Google Analytics (GA4) properties, enhancing our analytics capabilities.

As we close the chapter on 2023, LexBlog expresses gratitude to our vibrant community for their contributions and engagement. Here’s to another year of collaboration, innovation, and meaningful conversations within the LexBlog community, we couldn’t do it without you.