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Map Engine is a welcome web 2.0 addition to legal innovation


Illustration by Greg Storey

August 18, 2021

With so much focus on proprietary platform mobile apps, it does my heart good to see more Web 2.0 innovation in the legal industry. This morning I was introduced to a new service called Map Engine, launched a few months ago.

Here’s a quick description from their press release:

Map Engine is a tool that allows users to easily upload a spreadsheet containing jurisdictional data and instantly generate a beautiful interactive map visualization. The user is provided both a link to a unique URL to share the map and a code snippet to embed the map in their websites, blog posts, or client portals. Maps can be secured with a passcode or made available publicly.

The product is a collaborative effort between Sente Advisors and Theory and Principle. Inspiration came from several Sente clients asking for a better way to create maps using their gathered data. 

The result is an intuitive experience that generates clean, well-designed, interactive maps. Today, the product enables users to make charts for the United States and its territories. Future “templates” will include Canada and all of Europe. I look forward to seeing more advances as Map Engine matures.

Map Engine looks simple, which—knowing what I know from twenty-five years of experience—means a lot of time and effort went into making this software. My hat is off to Nicole Bradick (CEO of Theory and Principle) and Ryan McClead (CEO of Sente Advisors) and their designers and engineers on their achievements with Map Engine. Nice work! 

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