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Organizing client information is a challenge for any company, and LexBlog is no different


Illustration by Greg Storey

Having a dedicated list of clients—and contacts for each client—is a recurring issue that’s plagued just about every organization I’ve worked for. Many companies use a mix of customized tools and built in tools, and it doesn’t take too much for these to spiral out of control when different teams and different personnel have a preference for a specific tool or process.

Thankfully, LexBlog’s tools for marketing are relatively powerful. We use Zendesk for external communication with our clients, Asana for internal communication, and for client record keeping, HubSpot has proven to be a valuable tool.

But with so many different resources, we had many different disparate sources for keeping track of our clients, who our contacts are and what level of decision making each client has.

Over the past month I’ve taken on the responsibility of organizing our contact information into HubSpot. It’s been a daunting task—involving manual data entry for hundreds of clients—that took the resources of the entire Success and Publishing teams.

This process is still ongoing, as we were able to collect not only the companies we work with, but with whom at these these organizations we regularly communicate.

Maintaining this list will be difficult, but worthwhile. Having all our contacts consistently organized and properly labeled opens up a world of opportunities for what we’re able to accomplish, as well as how we regularly communicate with our clients.

We want to make sure everyone who works with us is aware of the exiting developments coming at LexBlog, and we always want to be better at learning from our clients. Our new client list will help make sure none of our clients slip through the cracks.

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