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A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Launching Troutman Pepper’s Consumer Financial Services Law Monitor

Elevating Design to Spotlight Troutman Pepper's Expertise
Financial Promotion

At LexBlog, we’re lucky to work with many ambitious practice groups! Our bloggers have big aspirations for their publishing, and we strive to give these driven attorneys the tools they need to connect with their readers and the greater legal community.

One recent “retooling” we completed was a project with Troutman Pepper. In this post, I’ll be taking you behind the scenes of their most recent launch: Consumer Financial Services Law Monitor. Together, we took a successful, longstanding Troutman blog and channeled that momentum into something bigger. This year we changed the CFS Law Monitor from a blog, into a microsite

The Transformation: From Blog to Microsite

Our microsites are a perfect fit for a high-output publishing group like Troutman’s Consumer Financial Services practice. In 2022 alone, the CFS Law Monitor published over 350 blog posts! Many writing lawyers on our platform find the Blog Plus plan perfectly suits their needs. However, given Troutman’s prolific daily publishing schedule, the microsite’s editorial capabilities offered a tailored solution for their unique requirements.

Here’s what made this upgrade a success:

1. Elevated Design with Microsite Capabilities

A strong online presence begins with a captivating design. The Consumer Financial Services Law Monitor is a shining example of how our microsite capabilities are designed to leave a lasting impression. 

Our main goal with the new design was to showcase Troutman’s active publishing schedule without key posts getting lost in the mix. As a result, we crafted a visually stunning and user-friendly microsite. The new design maintains the spirit of the original blog while the new sleek interface and targeted navigation gave more opportunities to highlight Troutman’s expertise.


2. The Podcast Connection

With Podcasts becoming more and more popular, it’s no surprise that the Consumer Financial Services team at Troutman is very active in the audio realm. As part of the launch, we had an opportunity to emphasize their multimedia strategy. The new CFS Law Monitor design seamlessly integrates their podcasts throughout the site, offering visitors an opportunity to engage with legal insights on-the-go.

Along with an improved look, the podcast feature on this microsite has practical benefits. The homepage podcast features gave the CFS team an easy way to provide a multifaceted experience for their readers. By spotlighting podcasts, The CFS Law Monitor has become a dynamic hub for financial topics and the law. 


3. Forging Success through Partnership

The cornerstone of our journey in launching the Consumer Financial Services Law Monitor was the relationship we’ve nurtured with Troutman Pepper over the years. We’ve worked with this firm on a few sites recently, including Reflections on Water and Troutman Pepper Financial Services. This history of high-quality collaborations made pivoting to a microsite (typically our most complex design work) a walk in the park. The collaborative spirit, open communication, and shared vision between Troutman and LexBlog were integral to the growth of the Consumer Financial Services Law Monitor as a publication. 

Celebrating a Successful Collaboration

As a project lead for the past three collaborations between Troutman and LexBlog, witnessing the launch of the Consumer Financial Services Law Monitor has been an exciting journey! Our microsite features, podcast integration, and partnership with Troutman Pepper have culminated in a microsite with a multifaceted approach fit for the future. This collaborative effort has been a personal highlight among many launches this year. Take a look (or listen) for yourself. We’re excited to see what the CFS Team will think of next!

Key Takeaways:

  • LexBlog helped Troutman Pepper transform their Consumer Financial Services Law Monitor blog into a microsite.
  • The new microsite can handle Troutman’s high-volume publishing, which exceeded 350 blog posts in 2022.
  • The microsite has a user-friendly design and targeted navigation, highlighting key posts.
  • Troutman’s team’s podcasts are seamlessly integrated into the new microsite.
  • The successful upgrade was due to a strong partnership between Troutman and LexBlog, with open communication and a shared vision.
  • The modernized microsite will meet the evolving needs of the Consumer Financial Services Law Monitor.
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