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Having Your Own AI-Enabled Assistant for Legal Blogging: Lou is Truly a Game Changer

Kaitlyn Baker, Unsplash
October 31, 2023

I have to admit that even though I’ve been helping lawyers and their firms to achieve their business goals through legal blogging, writing hasn’t always been easy for me. I can relate to the ‘blank page syndrome’, where it’s just hard to get started writing on a subject.

First, it’s just coming up with the topic on what to write about. I used to struggle over that, and now I just ask Lou, LexBlog’s new AI-enabled legal publishing assistant. I can either converse with Lou, or I can click a button for ‘post ideas’ and provide more information on my area of specialty. With one click of a button, Lou can help me come up with sections for my post, suggest a title and come up with a takeaway summary. I can even change my writing style for a post in one click, to make it either ‘more professional’, ‘more concise’, ‘more understandable’ or ‘expand upon’ it.

When writing a blog post, it’s often easier to cite another article that you reference, and write your own commentary around that article. Lou makes it very easy to do this, as you can either upload a PDF or Word file of the article or enter the URL, and in one click insert a summary of that article into your post.

Once I’m done with my post, with another button push I can quickly share post summaries tailored for specific social media platforms.

What does this all mean for legal blogging? My thought is that with Lou by their side, blogging is now so much easier that lawyers will see even better outcomes for less effort, and will end up blogging more. And those lawyers who had been on the fence about legal blogging due to time constraints, will use Lou and get started.

Now…here’s a takeaway generated by Lou:

Using AI-enabled tools like Lou can make legal blogging easier, more efficient and tailored to specific audiences. These tools can help overcome writing challenges and encourage more lawyers to blog. The result: better outcomes with less effort.

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